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Blood and other nasty looks

This is the underside of my recently biopsied right breast.  Two sites, two bandaids of significant proportions.  As if I was destined for anything less.  Bah humbug.

And here is the same breast Thursday morning - about 44 hours after the procedure.  Still lumpier than grandma's gravy, still sore as a bitch, and I still forget and reach/stretch/torque the wrong way and receive a swift reminder that shit ain't right...but things are looking up, me thinks.

Ugh.  Colors that should not be found in nature.  Not as much stiffness, and slept well for a few hours...always a better start to the business of a new day.

Friday - lumps are still bobbling around like marshmellows in a jello salad, and the bruises are becoming more spectacular

Did I mention bruising earlier - I had no idea...  (also not helped by lugging around a case of water yesterday - put that stupid hat on better, Mel!

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