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Phoenix Tears Cannabis Cancer Trial Notes Day 1

7-10-14  Beginning official trial of Phoenix Tears, AKA Rick Simpson Oil, Hemp Oil, Cannabis extract (whole plant) et al.

Beginning dose - 500 mg. capsule@ 7:45 AM.

I am starting with a dose this high because I am already using about 400 mg as a single high dose when needed, and am familiar with the effects at that level.  An additional 100 mg should be tolerable, and beneficial.  One of the caveats of the program is that getting as much hemp oil as quickly as possible into the patient yields the best results - and the recommendation (for a new user) is a dose half the size of a grain of rice.  I am well past that point.

I am unmedicated at this time.  I have taken about a teaspoon of powered nettles in water this morning.  Nettles have various properties which will complement the cannabis treatment, as well as some underlying annoying health issues (The acronym OLB, in this case, does not mean Outside Line Backer, but Old Lady Bladder.)  My ANP recommended nettles for that condition, and the G Krew came through with some yesterday.  It's not a bad treatment at all, a greenish powder that does, thank Gawds, dissolve easily in water.  

The cannabis medication is a whole plant cannabis extract made to the specifications on Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears website.  It was made by a friend who is well-experienced in the craft.  It is not a process which should be undertaken by anyone who wants to mess around with concentrating cannabis.  There are hazards involved which need to be absolutely first and foremost on the minds of anyone making this oil.  Please be aware of these.

I took the capsule 5 minutes ago.  Obviously, nothing to report yet.  Except my relief that the trial is finally underway.  

3 days worth of treatments.  Let the games begin!

9:45  Two hours into the first capsule - minimal head effects at this point, no appreciable pain level anywhere.  That's nice.  Knowing how much medicine I have on board at this point, I would not attempt to drive, but, I think I will wander out for a quick stroll before the heat gets to be too much.  So far, so good.

11:15  3.5 hours after the first dose.  I am now at maximum effect of this dose...and I want to go for a bike ride, or a long walk, or SOMETHING!  I need to go somewhere and do something - I need to get out and move!  Current temp 85 F...forecast for 98.  If I am doing something today - now is the time.  It will be a broiler out there later.  Thought I was supposed to get sleepy... no reactions whatsoever, no heart increase, no palpitations, no anxiety/paranoia or other random thoughts...although focusing is a little tough - I have come in and out 3 times trying to get things all in the same, right place.  But then again - what's new about that?  No one ever leaves through my front door without coming back at least once, if not multiple times.  Off to find something interesting to pay attention to.

High Noon - 4 hours in - just returned from a mile long bike ride - hardly epic distances, but on 500 mg of hemp oil...tis sufficient for today.  At least it settled the restlessness that was driving my OCD toward Cat 5 levels.  Current temp - 90 F.  Nodding.  Made sense to go and come when I did -  must see about getting my ass uplifted earlier in the morning, so that I can make better use of the cooler weather.

NB - Music has always been a key part of my environment - so music will be a huge part of my healing.  I intend to be surrounded by classic rhythms, outrageous lyrics, sweet melody, or head banging metal - depending, 24/7.    At the moment, Al Stewart is crooning in the background.  Nice mix of energy in the rhythms with great lyrics and an imminently listenable voice!  I miss Marina's whistling, though - she is a MARVEL.

4:15 - Took a maintenance dose of 150 mg.  Was having some discomfort in my right armpit/chest wall area.  Mostly a painful pinching feeling.  Left for dinner about 6 with good friends, the best medicine.

10:45  Took another 500 mg. capsule.  Today's total - 1150 mg.  Overall, comfort levels were quite good.  Toe was not an issue all day, better not be with all this medicine!  Confusion with thinking processes were evident, but not insurmountable.  Staying focused was difficult.  I tried to clean up the porch for an hour, but kept getting distracted with other small projects.  I was able to return to the main task, though, so nothing seems lost forever, just out of sight, out of mind.  Working would be tough - I could answer phones, but not accomplish anything else that moment.  What surprised me was the restlessness.  It was actually uncomfortable until I got out and rode.  I really was expecting lethargy, and was kind of looking forward to being able to sleep through those hot afternoons.  No nettles tomorrow - let's see how the restlessness is then.

11:45 - An hour since the last dose, no real changes noticeable at this time.  If I could afford a BP cuff, I would take readings, but...I am getting sleepy ... just a normal sleepy feeling, not medicated or drugged.  Day one, goal accomplished.  Bedtime.

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