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Cannabis Cancer Cure Update - Summary of last 2 weeks

I was astonished to click on day one of this trial and realize that it was 20 days ago - and that I have only documented up through day 9 or so.  Mea ultima culpa.  How am I to accomplish the goals of all this if I sleep on watch?  I do have the actual dosages and times for all of the missing days - however, with a couple of notable exceptions - the days go very much like this.

(N.B.  Up until today, my intention was to remain at 2 grams a day for another week or so - but the rabbithole took another twist, so increasing the dosage will be necessary.  As of today.  As of now.)

From days 9-20, the daily dosage was 2 grams.  This was administered in 4 equal doses of 500 mg.  The first dose is ingested within half an hour of the time I wake up.  I find that the 2 gram dose allows me to wake early if needed - before the alarm usually.  And when I need no alarm - it's rare for me to sleep past 8 AM.  I am actually enjoying the mornings (GASP SHOCK) because it's not as bloody boiling.  Giving up sleeping in for not sweating later in the day is a fair trade.

At least 4 days a week - I walk.  I grab my camera, a collection bag, some water, my phone, and off I go.  The roads and paths around here are marvelous sources of awe and wonder, and some good old fashioned comic relief...and walking around has made me so much more connected to this area now.  I know where roads go, where they don't, and I am learning where all the treasures are hidden.  And Gawds - are there treasures in this place!

Just there.  Walking along, and just there.  Absolutely fantastic to come across like that.  Serenfuckindipity!!!  In spades.  (and diamonds, clubs and those silly hearts and their stolen tarts).


Makes my fuckin world go around - sometimes a little sideways and off-kilter, but cranks it like crazy!

Here's another one - taken at a local school.  Why is this there?  Quien sabe?

I risked trespassing charges to walk around it, looking for a plaque or marker, but nothing.  A most kind staff member told me that he did not know why the bell was there - but shared a wonderful personal anecdote about the miniature Statue of Liberty in Medford.  

(Not my pic-but I have seen it look like this.)

After my walkabout, it is usually cresting 90 degrees, so I retreat to cooler, shadier climes...the coolcoon in the back, the porch if there is a favorable breeze...I remedicate and spend the hotter hours doing quieter things...craftwork, reading, (should be blogging), puttering about accomplishing small things in multiple steps - which is driving me just about round the twist.   

MAJOR FUCKING CAVEAT - IF this mental slowness/confusion/ADHD state is the worst side effect that I get while recovering from foot surgery AND treating my breast cancer (while doing what is needed to maintain the successful diabetes treatment)...well...

Any thinking person - which I am barely qualified as, these days, - will be able to rattle off the side effects of conventional cancer 'treatments' - radiation-caused destruction of healthy tissue, imbalances of natural functions unrelated to the cancer, surgical excision of enough healthy normal tissue to ensure a 'clean margin', not to mention nausea from chemo, hair loss...  those seem to be the ones that have made every cancer list out there.  I have read a lot of them lately.  That is one thing that ALL of the conventional sites agree on - the side effects of cancer treatments are extremely challenging, demanding, and may, in fact, become life-threatening conditions or exacerbations on their own.  

Well - at some point - SOMEONE lied out their ass to me.  Either all those duck and cover drills, radiation scares, fall-out warnings, strontium-90 PSA's were 'repurposed bovine excretion"  (Jon Oliver) - or telling me now that adding radiation to my body will somehow be GOOD for it  is.  (and what about all those years of eating iodized salt???)  In either case, I see no way that radiation is going to be a good thing.  Ever.  Too much science fiction reading as a kid.  Outer shields failing?  Radiation death.  Microwave ray guns?  Radiation death.  Remember - as a kid in the late 50's and early 60's, I was weaned on PSA's like this one - 

That's the stuff of MY nighttimes...and now they want me to believe that shit is GOOD for me?  Pull the other one, it's got bells on it!

So - it is now a couple MORE days - and things are in the dumper - lost that toenail in an unexpected procedure last Thursday and immediately started gulping hemp oil - to forestall the panic as much as the pain.  MY FOOT!!!!!!

A really nasty pic over on the BLOOD page - click ONLY if gruesome does not upset you.

I am up to 3.5 grams a day - still mental confusion manifests as the main side effect.  Not bad.  I remarked to friends that I watched Jim Kelly - one traditionally TOUGH guy - during the Hall of Fame Weekend.  He toughed it out - but the toll was obvious.  If I can avoid all that greyfaced tired exhausted stuff - only forgetting that I need to Pee until it's almost too late - it's a side effect I will literally live with.  But enough.  Post and go somewhere it is not hot.  Pics up soon.

Love to all who read this far - and to those that did not.

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