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Warning - Much Cannabis Ahead - Pics of the plants that will cure me.

This is a legal OMMP licensed grow under ORS 375.400, et. al.  It is being cultivated in a completely organic manner.  I am able to be part of this effort, and that means that I take an active part in my own cure.  Cancer patients don't usually have the ability to say that.  THANK YOU Oregon for making at least THIS much sense.  Now just legalize this shit so that we can all reap ALL the benefits from it and let's move on.  We have real problems to pay for...hint, hint!

Bertha 109

 Cannatonic 100 - High CBD, so every molecule will be saved and used...somehow

Chernobyl - a TGA SubCool standard for me - it has been my go to pain med for 2 years now.

Exodus Kush 17

Exodus Kush 18

Exodus Kush 25

Exodus Kush

Harlequin 52 - Another high CBD plant.  These are truly my precious this year.

Headband 24

Isthmus OG 88

Lemon OG 96 mc

Lemon OG 96

Lemon Thai Kush 90

Lemon Thai Kush 92
There are many more plant pics, some more plants/strains, etc.  but this is going to give people that have never seen a medical grow an idea of what it is like in MY backyard.  And I would not have it any other way!

A few more of the plants that will heal me...these are from the other end of New Row... the veggie patch and yard...

Partridge Alert Level Today...Green/Yellow.  Be careful up there.

Ahhh.  Just lying here with my face in the sun...

Paradise always seems to manage apples.

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