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Cannabis Cancer Cure Trial Day 8

10:43  First dose - very late start today.  Woke up about 5:30 with incredible nausea and feeling 'off'.  Grabbed some nettles, water, and a couple of pork rinds.  Hell of a breakfast.  But it did the trick.  I went back to sleep - for another 5 hours!  5 hours is traditionally a very long sleep for me.  And this was sleep 2!  I had already been in bed for 5 hours or so!  However, if you think, for one moment, that it is easy to choke down pork rinds at 5:30 in the have another think coming!   I can only put it down to going to bed last night somewhat hungry, but not starving, by any means.  Blood sugar must have gone the way of honest government - straight down to nowheresville.  (If such a thing as honest government ever really existed...debateable at the best of times).

13:43  making up for lost time - second 500 mg dose.  That will put me at a full gram already - with half a cool day to go!  Time to make the jelly!  Oops!  Need to do kitchen policing first - half the stuff I need to make jelly is unready for action.

1800  3rd 500 mg dose.  1500 mg so far today - just a bleh day, weather much cooler, which was a blessing, but I wasn't able to take great advantage of it.  Just could not get moving...probably due to the bad early morning issues.  Not a bad day, just not very productive.  Jelly got postponed when the kitchen was needed for other foods, so I will try tomorrow.  There's Always a tomorrow.

2130  Last 500 mg dose...I did use some inhaled cannabis tonight, as well as a CBD oil dab.  2 grams of hemp oil, plus additional intake.  I am visualizing the hemp oil as a seek and destroy agent, skulking around my bodily systems, creeping around corners of viscera, waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting cancer cell.  GO HEMP OIL!  Maybe it's that phrase "Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast stage 1."  Infiltrating.  Great word for spy thriller junkies (guilty as charged).  When I decide to go to bed, I imagine the oil as this soothing blue stain infusing my cells with health and vigor.  WAY too much watching of science documentaries :) to bed...2400 on the dot.  Make today the best day yet.  Love to those that read this far, and to those that did not.

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