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Cannabis Cancer Cure Trial day 4

0805  Awoke naturally, refreshed, slept 9 hours with one potty stop...that's unheard of for this insomniac.  Guess I finally got enough oil in to allow for that sleepiness I have been expecting.  I need to make more caps = 500 mg seems to be a good size.  First dose today will be 0915.  I have errands to run, so I will dose up right before I leave.  That will give me 1 1/2 hours to finish and get back before the medicine is at a level that may interfere with driving.  Caution is the watchword.

1200  High noon and all is well - errands finished with time to spare.  Maximum effects are felt 90 minutes after ingestion.  That would have been 10:45 today.  Still feeling the same disconnect with routine chores...but not insurmountable...actually, it's kind of neat discovering where my squirrel mind will dart next.  Pondering many students benefited from medicating before class - the ADHD ones, I mean.  Yet here I am, suffering what seems to be externally induced ADHD from the same medication that was so effective on those that actually had that brain wiring.  My brain is not wired that way - just the opposite.  I need to plod along from step A to step B and get frustrated when someone leaves something lying on those stairs!  That's why this flashing mind experience - flashing on one idea, then another task, then something else shiny and interesting - is ... fascinating.  Really.  Watching my own thought processes take on a new direction - WOW.  Teaching old dogs new tricks.

1600  Dose - 500 mg.  The heat has driven me to create a coolcoon in the back bedroom - just a tiny room with a few toys...and an air conditioner.  Much better!  I will have to finish the bathroom tomorrow - just not enough light to see.  Still feeling good, except for sweating like the end of a 4th of July parade.  GAH.

2130  Bumper dose 200 mg.  Tried to watch a movie, and never made it past the first minute.  Sleepy and sleeping were about a minute apart, and that is rare.  1200 mg today...and a mostly clean bathroom.  Not a bad day down the rabbit hole.

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