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Cannabis Cancer Cure Trial - One month today

One month ago today - I was informed that I have cancer of the right breast.  Since getting that news, I have been undertaking a cannabis whole plant extract trial program - with the knowledge and acceptance of my medical team.

I am taking about 3.5 grams of Hemp Oil a day.  This leads to significant mental confusion of the annoying variety - the "where was I headed, and what was I planning to do when I got there" confusion rather than - "Who am I and why is there a chocolate banana on my head" kind of confusion.  Taking this medicine at this elevated a dose exceeds Rick Simpson's recommendations for someone only a month in, due to the fact that I have a pretty good tolerance through my regular hemp oil use.

I will be seeking tests soon, to get another snapshot of the cancer, whether it is showing any signs of change, and in what direction.  I was advised that the damage to the internal structure of my breast that was caused by the biopsy needle will make another mammogram futile at this stage - there is still too much debris to see anything with any certainty.  An MRI was recommended instead, for clearer results.  I will be following up with this in a couple of weeks.

I will be out of state at my mother's funeral.  This has not been the best summer on record.  She passed as peacefully as can be hoped, in her sleep, with caring people all around.  That brings a good deal of comfort.  I will need all the comfort I can muster as I travel cross country via train.  Medically - I cannot fly - and buses are buses after all...and trains totally ROCK!

This blog will be maintained as I connect across the country.  I don't know what service is like out there in the great beyond, but I will check in as often as possible to update things.

Make sure to tell someone they matter today.  Tomorrow is ...

Much love to those that read this far - and to those that did not.

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