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Cannabis Cancer Cure Trial Day 9

0930  First 500 mg dose.  Good night, none of that early morning nonsense like yesterday.  Thank gawds.  Jelly will happen today.  Kitchen is prepped.  New plums are picked.  Plum picking perks patient positivism.  Alliteration asskicks.  All systems nominal.

1330  Jelly underway and just took second dose.  Full gram now.  Funny how a whole gram seemed to be SOOOOO much just a month or so ago.  Now it's accomplished by mid day.  Time flexibility.  Franklin said it best - To a man with a pretty girl on his lap, an hour seems to pass in a minute.  The same man sitting on a hot stove will swear a minute is an hour.  Or words to that effect.
Mind is wrestling with two contradictory events, and they will not reconcile, no matter how much I try.  The Greenery is not allowed to participate in a local event here in Phoenix because the cannabis community doesn't want our tainted fingers anywhere near their 'sell-out, kiss-up let's do something nice for Phoenix, and let's not piss off the Powers That Be' in the process action.  I call bullshit.  If the cannabis people continue to screw each other over like sailors the first night off the boat...well, that's why it's taken over 70 years to fix that damned bloody 1937 disaster.  We must get our shit together, or shit is all any of us will have at the end.

Of course, that is spoken from deep within my own personal well.  Many cannabis advocates are already enjoying the benefits of such legislation and social acceptance as have happened almost the rest of the fucking state as well as places where it is actually LEGAL for adults.  However, here in Phoenix, we are still looking at a closed shop, displaced patients, interrupted medical regimes, and what is MOST frustrating and incomprehensible - no income.  At all.  Zero. Zilch,  Nada.  The well is dry, the tree is bare, the field is stubble.  Rent, electric, internet, gas, car....those are still there.  Food stamps can be stretched to the end of the month, especially now that the garden is starting to be able to supplement.  But the car payment people turn their noses up at tomatoes and cash is still king.  And thanks to the Phoenix City Council - the king has abdicated.

Haven't had a pay check for 11 months and 2 weeks.  Had I known that the City Council of Phoenix was so mean-spirited, pugnacious, self-serving, biased, backward AND ill-equipped for the responsibilities of their offices...nothing would have changed.  I still would have accepted the job offer.  And I would still be facing cancer, but I would not know it.  I guess, in some perverse way that will only make sense to the universe, it was a blessing that the City Council is such a pack of dullards and ignorance.  If I were actually earning a paycheck, as I was a year ago, it would not be enough to afford health insurance, but would be too much for me to qualify for OHP.   So by banning me from working for a year, the City Council of Phoenix caused me to fall below the cutoff line, and I got onto the public dole.  Stan and Carolyn Bartell just paid up 37,000 in overdue back taxes.  My medical bills are fast approaching that mark, and can I be forgiven for wanting to believe that THEIR payment is offsetting MY bills?  I have only seen one set of bills so far - just seeing a doctor at La Clinica...and 2 in house blood tests, and the state of Oregon has forked out 1000 dollars already.  We haven't even started counting up the bills for the foot doctor, the mammograms, the biopsy, the consults with people outside of La Clinica...Stan and Carolyn better have a good bookkeeper and deep pockets.  Wait, Carolyn lists herself as their bookkeeper.  Better and better.

So, as far as I can tell, the medical bills are covered.  Amazing.  Of course, once we are living in the truck, none of the other bills will happen either, so all we have to do is wait until everything is shut off and we are home free.  Worst cliche ever.

I am still able to be relieved and glad that others are faring much better after their trials and tribulations.  Lori Duckworth posted that they are getting their confiscated goods back today.  JUSTICE!  What I want to know is how much rent she is going to charge MPD or OSP or whoever hung on to all that for a full year.  Marlene Nuckols will run for Medford City Council...and win!  Licenses have been granted - both state and local - so patients in the Phoenix Area can now get their medicine, without a 45 minute bus ride to Gold Hill, Chris Luz, you insensitive public official.  Facebook is filled with success stories, patients beating cancer, dispensaries winning battles for their right to exist, states approving medical marijuana monthly, the house of representatives and their recent votes...  the cannabis world is moving forward, at full steam, and so many, many excellent, good hearted people are finally getting their reward for all of their work.  Maybe, one of these decades, the Greenery and its krew will get some of that pie.  All we have to do is figure out how to survive without money until that day.

And now for something completely different - FAIR WARNING!  If you are the kind of foodie that punches that like button on any and every intriguing will be unfriended.  With massive regrets...but unfriended.  Food pics are far too annoying to scroll through daily on facebook.  I can't eat it, I don't eat it, and having to skip over all that each day is a battle I refuse to fight anymore.  I have come to the realization that I will be hiding from food for the rest of my life...because if I don't hide from it - there will be no life to have a rest of.  I know.  I ended a sentence with a preposition.  It's stylistic.  So, share all the rest of it - even the pit bull rescues - but think for a moment of all of your friends with dietary restrictions, and refrain from 'liking' that pie recipe.  Please.  Think of the children.  And speaking of which - how about this lovely souvenir of the beautiful Rogue Valley?

Yes, folks, that there is your gen-you-wine article.  A real stainless steel Mickey Mouse baby spoon - with tell-tale evidence that strained prunes ain't the last thing that this little beauty held!

(Yes, I washed my hand afterwards.   Twice.)

Funny how I managed to find that within a frisbee's throw of one of Phoenix's beautiful little parks.  On municipal property, yet.  In fact, within the boundaries of the park itself.  It's now been properly disposed of.  By a stoner.  Who cares about the children.

1930  Another dose - post rain storm - it was a gullywasher!  Hail for a few seconds, driving fat rain drops - it was spectacular...provided no wildfires were sparked.  Here is a brief sample

Brittney Nottingham - making watering look EASY!

And the last dose at 2400 exactly - and off to bed.  Another 2 gram day.  Take THAT, cancer!!!

Make today the best day yet.  Much love to those that read this far, and to those that did not.

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