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Phoenix Tears Cannabis Cure Trial Day 2

0800  Awoke with a driving rainstorm pelting down on the porch roof, and for a moment, believed it was hailing.  Nothing like that adrenaline jolt to get your brain moving.  Felt rested, a little foggy, but then again, most mornings begin in a peasouper.  Nothing more than I have felt many other mornings.

0830  Took 1 500 mg cap.  No nettles this morning, as I am curious about that insane restlessness that I felt yesterday - that was actually uncomfortable until I got out and started riding.  If that happens again today, we will have an interesting addition to the file, and something I have not read yet.  The benefits of nettles combined with cannabis.  Fascinating.  If the restless mood doesn't happen, I will be looking forward to the next nettle trial.  Pain levels negligible - and that is rather surprising, considering the dampness from the rain.  My weather bones are humming, rather than belting our their anthems fortissimo.  Certainly tolerable!

1100 2.5 hours after dose, and I just finished watering the front garden.  Roger set up the watering cans for me, since my right side is still battle damaged from the biopsy, and lifting/torquing are not a good idea right now.  Pouring off was easy enough with the left hand, but dipping the cans out of the water barrels ... and lifting them clear...uhhhh.  Head effects still minimal -the most obvious effect is the same inability to stay on task.  Doesn't matter what I start out to accomplish, at least three times, I will find myself doing something else that appeared, usually unrelated to the main task.  For example, I came into the house to get clippers.  I put 2 pairs of shoes away, gathered an armload of laundry to add to the basket, grabbed more coffee, and went back to the garden, sans clippers.  That kind of thing.  Inconvenient, and annoying, but hardly a side effect to be feared and dreaded.  I will take absent-minded over toxically infused, irradiated, or filleted, ANYTIME!  Any rational person would.

Interesting -that compulsion to get out and move is not nearly as insistent today.  It's there, a passenger in the upper deck of my brain bus, but it is just muttering away to itself.  Noted in passing.

1215  Finished cooking some chicken strips and now baking plain chicken for quick cold meals when the heat comes back.  Today is wonderful - not hot at all, so baking is reasonable.  YAYAY a plan actually coming together.  Cooking was successful, although the distractions continued...instead of putting the tray of raw strips in the heated oven, I washed about 20 items..then popped them in.  Had to finish that pile of silverware before I could stop and put something in the oven.  That might not make any sense to anyone else, but it's the roadmap through this for me.  One task at a time - and finish it before moving on.  Multi-tasking is a memory now...(Freudian alert - I just began typing mammary...*snicker*).  I am seriously debating another 500 mg cap - but decided to just pump a booster cap - about 150 mg.  Not feeling any major discomfort - a blessing on this wet day - but I am intent on getting as much of this oil into the battle as I can.  So... cheers!

1545  Down da hatch.  Second 500 mg cap of the day.  Let's see just how much I can handle at this point - since I just successfully negotiated driving to the laundromat, shopping, washing, and returning, so... obviously the medicine is not creating issues with normal activities today...  the next couple of hours should be interesting.  No inhaled cannabis yet today, just the hemp oil.

1800 2 hours and 15 minutes after that large appreciable reaction anywhere.  Head effects are the same as they have been all day - a bit muzzy when task driven, but certainly functioning, albeit I do start and stop randomly.

2045  another 150 mg dose - making today's total 1300 mg.  This is what I should be doing.  Sleep well.

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