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Cannabis Cancer Cure Trial day 5

0500  Toe pain of the Zeus kind woke me nastily this morning.  Stabbing pains through the great toe and down into the left foot.  CRAP and Crud.  Fought through the "What the hell just woke me up" fog and realized that the toe was on red alert.  All I needed to do was remove the bandaging I had put on under shoes yesterday.  As soon as that pressure was released, all systems returned to nominal status and I fell right back to sleep, waking feeling very good about 0700.  Amazing.  Toe feels great now, and I just finished a walk of a little over a mile.  No bandaging.  Thought I would see if the overnight lesson was in fact real...and so far, so good.  I am still using the salve/hemp oil mix around the toenail and's only awesome.  Using it on the biopsy bruising as well.  I have no idea why I did not do that before, except my innate aversion to putting anything on my skin.  SHUDDER.

0900  500 mg cap just now.  I felt really good early, walked the garden, and started putting a walking kit together when I realized I never took any medicine.  I could have taken this much earlier - but I haven't established a med routine yet.  Need to do that before I wind up skipping or doubling doses.  I got a call from a doctor friend who has agreed to follow my care on this trial.  That is a relief, in spades.  He totally agrees with my commitment to deny all chemo or radiation treatments.  He advised me on the upcoming excisional biopsy -well, let's not get him in trouble.  He explained what the procedure entails and what the peripheral concerns are.  This wasn't official medical advice.  Just talking.  I am better prepared now for the consult on Wednesday.  YAYAYAY!  I love going in armed with information.  MUCH better battles.  MUCH better results.

1115  2 1/2 hours after morning dose, and restlessness is still circling around.  I already took a nice long walk before the heat sets in...think I will stroll through the ladies.  So far, things are extremely copacetic.

1215  Experiment - another 500 mg cap.  Let's see what a full gram by mid day will do.

1800 Nothing untoward - so, let's raise the ceiling.  Third 500 mg cap today.  1500 mg at least today, and I feel fine.  Great, actually.  Except for the same inability to complete things first time, every time.  Not much high effect at all, until I use inhaled cannabis.  Then I get the head effect.  I want to be at 2 grams a day when I go for the excisional biopsy.  Sounds as though that will need massive amounts of healing, and why wait?  I am still trying to get things right from the first procedure!

20:45  Final dose for the day - 150 mg.  Total for today 1650.   No problems to report.  Toe was fine all day, unwrapped...and the shower in the back works very well for on the spot cooling - toe handled that fine.  Onward and upward.

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