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Friday, August 29, 2014

Holy Shite...Literally

There comes a time in every writer's life when the sheer volume of words inside one's head aren't enough to express the way one is feeling.  But, being writers, we are obsessed with trying to find those words anyway.  This is one of those times.

I am comfortable back in my nest, surrounded by all the well loved familiar things that keep me going.  My computer!  A real keyboard with enough room between the letters so that I actually spend more time typing good words, than muttering as I back space through typos.  Whoever designed smart phone keyboards has never seen the marshmallows that pass for my fingertips.  I can mash 5 letters with a single misplaced poke.

My kitties!  Mikey and Spooky...who apparently went walkabout on their own during a hellacious thunderboomer.  Never been outside the house, and venture out during a wild storm, typical kittie behavior.  Thanks so much to Marina, who squirmed under the back porch to drag the Spookster out by the scruff of his neck.  I haven't yet made up the quantity of snacks that I missed giving them they haven't fully forgiven me for disappearing on them.  But they will.  I have lots of snacks.

I feel good.  REALLY good.  Physically, anyway.  I woke this morning with toe pains...just lack of circulation overnight.  As soon as I started walking around, it subsided.  GREAT rejoicing!  I will need to see the foot doc as the left toenail site is starting to look really weird.  It is almost a month since they cut off that toenail - and boy howdy, wasn't THAT fun, scampering all over America's biggest cities, dragging 2 suitcases with BOTH feet bandaged up and those vulnerable toes hanging free to be run over by every wheeled bag within 5 feet!  Both feet?  Ah well, about that...

Readers of this blog might recall that I banged up my left great toenail on the driveway gate...a stupid move that required immediate attention...anyway...

On the morning of my mother's funeral, I was on my way down to the lobby when I tripped over a dust kittie in the hotel hallway.  Managed to hit the floor JUST right with the edge of the sandal.,.and ripped that left toenail straight up.  90 degrees from the nailbed.  Looked just like a Zippo lighter.

Back to the room, unpack the wound care kit, wrap up this NEW issue, then off to the service.  Just another medical day.

I made no secret of my medical condition, or of the cannabis that I am using to cure it.  Train passengers are a captive audience, and I did not waste the opportunity to educate my fellow travellers.  I argued cannabis reform though most of America's Heartland, the Great Northeast, the Deep South, and finally was able to give it a rest westbound once I cleared that last state border out of Utah.  Nevada, California and, of course, Oregon don't need as much homegrown advocacy these days, and it was relaxing to sit back and know that the work was well underway in this stretch, anyway.

I would REALLY like to hear from anyone that met me on that trip.  I will post pics, itinaries, etc.  If you saw me, talked to me, interacted with me, please communicate with me.  I would like to send you a quick and dirty questionnaire about traveling with a cannabis patient...just your impressions.  On some trains, I was bold and brash about cannabis advocacy, on others, I kept my head down and listened.  It was a social experiment on my part...and now I want to gather the data.

Did you see me?  Here I am in Washington DC, keeping a dragonlady eye on our lawmakers.  We are watching you, Big Brother!!!

(And just because I have my back to the Supreme Court Building, don't assume that I can't see what you are doing back there...I am a mom AND a high school teacher.  The eyes in the back of my head work very well, indeed!)

I am closing this entry to get it more item off the to-do list for the day - just leaving you with another link...I finally got someone ELSE to publish me - see Thought Catalog here >>>

Love to all that read this far, and to those that didn't.  Make today the best day yet.

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