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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back in the horse, but back in the saddle!

This morning went far better than yesterday.  Morning inventory...5 out of 10 pain, mainly toe and rib where I have been lying all cattawumpus.  Biopsy site feels fairly dry, stiff and sore, bruised feeling, but nothing deep.  Very encouraging.

Bruises are still an issue, especially when trying to find a bra that will work.  Fortunately, I have one fat lady bra remaining.  My tits wobble around like lumps of coal in the bottom of a yule stocking, but better than squeezing the Charmin (apologies for anyone under 40 who does not remember Mr. Whipple).  (Google it).

I noted this morning that the kittie boys are most considerate lately.  I have not had to argue for bed space, my chair, or any other inconvenience for a couple of days now.  They are not even their usual speed bump selves, but seem to be hyper-vigilant and get out of my way long before I reach their snooze spot.  I appreciate that, since those last minute scrambles to avoid a cat who is avoiding me is usually a disaster on multiple levels.  Of course, some of this could be explained by afternoon temps well into the 90's, making them even lazier and more somnolent, but I really think their 6th sense is letting them know that the more space I have right now, the better.  They are still loving and head butting me frequently for attention, but the bed is all mine now.  Such great owners I have!

The sneaky looking cutie on the left is Spooky, and the face washing sweetie is Mikey.  They own us body and soul.  They were born on the same day that we said farewell to PD, our Alaskan import.  They chose us in a parking lot, came home with us, and have ruled the roost ever since.  Spooky was named for his most obvious characteristic...he gets spooked by everything.  Anything.  Whateverthing.  Not to mention that he is pretty spooky himself, watching me from across a dark room, when the only visible evidence of his presence are those eyes...glowing in the monitor light...

Mikey is actually Mycroft.  When the kittie boys got here, Mikey was out of the carrier and exploring as soon as the latch unclicked.  He finally coaxed Spooky out of the carrier, out from under one bed, out from under another bed, showed him where food, water and litter were to be found, and in all ways, seemed perfectly suited to be the "smarter, older brother."  First impressions, and all that...

At least I can say that he is not as dumb as he seems...I think.  But, he is soft, cuddly, loves to snuggle on cold nights, and earns his keep chasing the occasional bug that gets in.  I'll let him keep me.

Got the bike out and rode/walked/shot photos for an hour.  That was the smartest thing I have done for a week.  It feels GOOD to be sore from actually doing something, instead of being the something that is done to.  Southern Oregon is paradise, at least visually, and we all should pay just a smidge more attention to what glories we mindlessly pass by daily.

Like this beauty, for example

This was just growing beside a fence, over the sidewalk.  Amazing to simply come upon it, like finding fireworks in the noon sky.

For those with curiosity about such things, I have posted an update photo over on the Blood page.  Warning - this is straight out of the bathroom mirror.  No cleaning things up here - this is the real shit.  If blood and the like bothers you - try the FLAG FRENZY page instead.

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