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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Better Directions - Look to your Right

Over in the right hand side bar are the new pages that I have been adding.  Please check them out to see what has been happening lately with my cancer, and my cannabis treatment for it.  I am writing this blog as healing therapy.  Sometimes it is just a mind dump.  Feel free to skim that stuff, looking for the good bits.  I got a degree in English successfully doing that.

There are two sets of pages.  One will be a daily log of dosages and effects, and the other will be various pictures that may - or may not - have a whole lot to do with the daily log.  This medicine makes it tough to multitask, and figuring out how to consolidate all this will have to wait until I can spend a couple of hours in this oven of a living room working it out.  Mark your calendars for late Sept. for that to happen, methinks!

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