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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just this side of paradise

Southern Oregon of a morning - just this side of paradise.  Walking here is a blessing, living here is a dream come true.  People you meet on the roadside are friendly, welcoming, about as normal as anyone could imagine...and almost never encounter.  A far cry from the Right Coast, where people move about in their own envelopes, isolated from each other and the glories that they pass through mindlessly.  Sigh.  If people would just slow the fuck down for one morning, get out and really see what is around them, there would be far less discontent in the world.

"With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

Get out and take a look at it sometime.  Beauty can be found in the smallest, least obvious places, but you need to look for it!

Where are all the bees?  Here is one...thistle bee a great memory ... winter is coming, after all.

Yes, the sky really is that color...once the chemtrails all fall to earth...  *WEG*

A friendly neighbor, even though I arrived appleless - this beauty came right to the fence as I walked up, fully expecting a sweet treat.  Next time, lovely one.

This shot screams "You ain't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!"  Never see anything like this in Jersey, that's fer damn shure!

More friendly neighbors, the noisy ones from upstairs.

Why do people do stuff like this?  Cause it is way cool to just come upon it sudden-like.  Thank you for the delight!

Why do I think this would look better as the lid to a puzzle box?  Lots of blue sky to sort out.  That can be fun...

Christmas in July?  This majestic tree has already started decorating!

And finally - the Oregon Department of Transportation unveils their stunning new plan for pothole repairs.

Fill the pothole with rocks and encourage the populace to drive over it frequently.  In a scarce few millennia or so, the rocks will be crushed into gravel - for FREE!  Your tax dollars at work!

In health issues, no changes worth reporting - still struggling to feel "right" again - still sore, bruised and uncomfortable most of the time -but no true pain, thank gawds.  It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Love to those that read this far - and to those that did not.

Make today the best day yet.

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