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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock ...

as the day begins...

I moved something.  So what?  It hurt, that's what.

That curly haired tailor has some bad ass needles...truly.  That is one nasty procedure.  Despite the best (and they were remarkable) efforts by the team to make me comfortable and assured, nothing can overcome the effects of 2 hours on that table.  Lying there with the target breast hanging down through that hole certain achieves a comforting depersonalization, that is to say that it does not matter that you cannot turn your head to see who is entering the exam room.  You are just a tit in a hole at that point, and glad to be so.

Pro tip - when the tech asks if you need to use the bathroom - accept the offer despite what you might think.  I wound up being strapped back together to make the 40 foot walk to a toilet the second the procedure was wrapped up.  No fun.

The procedure requires you to remain still for far too long, IMHO.  Humans get very uncomfortable when we cannot fidget or twitch, and lying around with needles in you - or so I presume, since I could neither see nor feel exactly what was happening, is not the most opportune time to need to pee.  I spent of the time with my eyes closed, holding shallow breaths as directed.  Over and over. "Shallow breath and hold... BEEEEEEEP.... OK, you can breathe. "   Thank gawds she remembered to grant me permission to breathe each time, or I would still be lying there.  A bit colder, perhaps.

On a side note, at least Mel's gawds granted her a bit of a small break - this whole procedure occurred in a typical treatment room - way under cooled (to the point where I had to ask for a blanket for my poor nekkid back) - on a day when the outside temps hit 105.  The inside temp was more like 62.  At least I had a cool place to while away the afternoon...recreating the famous human pin cushion exhibit from carnival midways everywhere.

The doctor was reassuring throughout...explaining things, especially the room noises, before they occurred.  That was very helpful, especially since I can well imagine they don't like it much when the patient jumps half a foot out of startlement.  And that room emitted some fey sounds while I was pinned down in there.  The worst was the actual insertion of the biopsy hollow needle -there is an audible POP and brief pressure feeling - much like a balloon popping suddenly just in front of you.  The first time it happened, I was surprised by it, and immediately flashed on an image of a clown with a balloon animal popping between his hands as he twisted it around.

For those with a taste for the yuckier side - Day 1 post procedure pic here - this is before the 24 hour no showering rule expired, so all this has been here since yesterday.  And it hurts.  Not killing pain, but ergh.  Shoulder movement, waist twisting, even trying to put my elbow into my ear...all remind me that I am in an unusual state of being at the moment.  My right breast feels like a sack of oranges that just tumbled down a LONG steep flight of stairs.  Bulges, bumps and bruises.  New word - hematoma.

Not all that new, had them, seen them before, but, this is bizarre.  Like carrying a sack of marbles around inside your bra.  Center of gravity shifts just a tad, whether to accommodate sore areas or because the extra swelling has thrown off the dilithium crystals, quien sabe?  But this ship is not on a straight course at the moment.  Listing heavily to starboard, and taking on water.

Picking up after another appointment...this time the foot doctor.  Finally.  And, as suspected, foot problems.  The wound is actually healing, albeit slowly.  And I just learned that being hurt in the left foot is far worse than the right - the left leg and foot only have about 50 percent of the pressure that they should.  The right leg is at 80 percent open - far better for healing and other good things.  So, left foot and right breast out of action.  How many hit points did I manage to lose in the last week?  Great Caesar's Ghost!

Tetanus shot.  Good idea.  Would have been an even better idea last week when the injury occurred, but better late than never.  Need to get signed up for one of those...GROAN.  More discomfort.  Oh well, with any luck, I will get that tetanus shot long before they start removing my toenails.  Seems like a logical sequence.

And that was not hyperbole.  If the circulation to my right foot is sufficient, toenail removal is likely.  They are way ingrown, actually curling around the skin.  Needs to be done, but not looking forward to that one, let me tell you.  No idea what will happen with the left foot - I go back in three weeks for that follow up.

Recommendations - stay off it, until I can't.  Keep it clean, stay focused on healing, keep it dry, 2-3 more weeks...

I am taking away the fact that he doesn't want to see it for 3 weeks.  Things cannot be all that bad if three weeks can pass without peeking at it.  Keep telling yourself that, Mel.  Maybe it will help you sleep at nights.

Love to all that read this far, and to those that did not.

Make today the best day yet.

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